Sewing the Scrap Top

31 Aug

I haven’t been sewing much so this top is taking way more time than it needs to. But it’s simple and I can start and stop without asking myself what I was doing.

It’s going to be 8 x 9 blocks so this bottom row represents the halfway point. I like it so far. At first both Gianna and I thought it was too scrappy. That was after row one and its corresponding top sashing. But experience has told me to keep going before I judge. Given a few more row, I can see that’s not the case at all.

If I put a 4″ border around the whole thing when I’m done, it will be queen sized. I will do that so I can swap out another bed quilt here since the ones on our beds are getting pretty shabby and old.

Hope you have some relaxing time on your holiday weekend. Take some time to sew or knit or whatever makes you relaxed and happy!

DJ is Good

29 Aug

Whew. After 10 days of DJ’s new boarding school, we picked him up and brought him home for an extended holiday weekend. Dj is not very good at communicating via phone calls and text. So we (all the family here) were so concerned about him. The monosyllable answers, the ignoring of texts and details… Was he doing okay? How were classes? Has he made any friends or does he seem to fit in?
Not to worry. An hour long drive home and he really opened up. He’s doing well! Classes are good, he has people he palls around with, everything seems great. He is bubbly and glad to be home to see his friends here, but on a scale of 1-10 he gives the first week and a half an 8. That will allow ME to sleep tonight!

I don’t think I posted any pictures of Gianna’s new quilt in her room on her bed. Here are some from her freshly made bed today.




Have a good holiday weekend!

Refashionista is Done!

26 Aug

We hacked up the dress and came out with a skirt!


Doesn’t look much different but in reality it took about 3 hours to get it where it is now! This picture shows the waistband treatment.


We put in two exposed side zippers. I had to take in the waist A LOT! And I added lace to the bottom of the hem.

I feel like it’s still a little big in the waist. And the waistband could have a bit more interfacing. But overall, if she likes it, I’m calling it a success!

A Breather

22 Aug

My first week of school has ended fairly successfully. I say only fairly successfully because the bookstore is under new management and they have messed up almost every single book order. Most have been resolved but I’m still short numerous copies for my students. I’m not the only one – all classes and teachers are having trouble.

We got DJ moved in fine on Wednesday. His conversations and text messages are positive. We actually see him again tomorrow for some kind of “carnival”. I will take pictures – I forgot when moving him. His air conditioning didn’t work in his room but apparently it’s fixed as of today. Or so he says… We will bring other necessities such as coffee grounds with us!

I just now finished my washcloth.


I like how one side is bumpy and one side is relatively smooth. I also like the no-brainier of a two row pattern.

Gianna and I took a quick trip to Goodwill today. They have the sweaters out already. I haven’t unraveled all the ones I bought last year yet so I didn’t even go over to those racks. :-)

But Gianna wanted to do a “Fashionista” project. We follow a blog where a woman buys clothes from thrift store and remakes them to be in fashion and refits them to her shape. Here is Gianna’s find – a dress that we will hack off the top part to make a nice fitted skirt.




The top doesn’t fit her anyway. She’s going to add exposed zippers along the sides and lace peaking out the bottom. It should be quick and interesting if she/we can pull it off.

I’m headed downstairs to sew for the first time in a long time!


19 Aug

I’m going to be swamped with school starting and moving DJ into his school over the next week. I’ll try to post small snippets of what I’m working on, but it won’t be much.

I have a knitted washcloth started to fill in 5 minutes of nervous energy here and there.


That’s about all I can handle these days!

Finished Shoofly Quilt

13 Aug




(You can click on the pictures to see them better. My son has my good camera and so these were just taken with my iPad. They are a bit dark.)

I couldn’t get very good pictures this morning but I did want to post the finished product. It is a very big quilt! I had fun quilting it. It’s not perfect but I’m not stressing over that at all. Maybe I’m over that?

I was particularly worried about the back. It’s aqua with purple feather thread so I knew all my boo-boos would show up like a slap in the face. But the back isn’t too bad either.



In fact, Gianna said she might turn it over and have a reversible quilt every once on a while.

Now what? I have a Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt that just needs to be bound. I will work on that this week. And I can start putting together the Puss In The Corner quilt top that I started a few weeks ago. I’m going to try to take it slowly because of all of us starting school. Plus Mia, my massage therapist daughter, said I need to cut back on all the stuff I do hunched over. My back is a mess. I need to start walking again. I feel like I bruised my left foot so I took a week off. I hope I can start back up soon. I know a Hawk misses it!

Zentangle Shoes

7 Aug

They are done and Scotchguarded. Modeled by the lovely G.






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