What A Busy Week!

19 Apr

We put a lot of miles on our car this week!  I went to a conference and a meeting, we had two away softball games, and two trips to the suburbs to bring our son home. Every day and every night we had something going on. The spring is usually packed full of stuff and this spring is shaping up to be as hectic as ever.

I only knitted a partial gusset on one sock.


I think I’m finished with my Suri Alpaca spinning and am ready to ply the last skein. I let that sit a day and spun and plyed some dyed Romney that I had.


I got 2 of the 4 ounces spun and n-plyed. I forgot how nice and relaxing it is to spin commercially prepared  roving. It would take 3-4 days to prep, card, and spin 2 oz of the Suri fiber.  

Today, my 14yo daughter and I are going shopping for a graduation dress. My patience will be tested…. 😀😁😝

A Busy Week

15 Apr

I have something going on every day and night this week! Monday I worked all day then had to return for an open house 5-7pm. Only 4 potential students stopped by during that time but I think all 4 will enroll in the networking program in the fall. Last night Gianna’s travel softball team had a double header in a town 40 minutes away. She played very well (pitched a great game and had a stand up double that was a screamer to deep center field) – but they still lost both games. It was their first outing of the season and they played against a very good team. Oh well….

Tonight I have to go set up for a conference that I’m attending tomorrow. And on Friday, I’m at a meeting an hour away! Sheesh! No rest for the weary!

I’ve been plugging away at my Fibonnacci socks…. Slowly….


Both socks have the legs and heels finished. I’ve adjusted my tension to be looser for the stranded knitting and it is working out. I’d estimate I’m only a third done. I have the gusset to do which seems to take forever, and the foot. I have only been knitting for 1/2 hour in the morning due to the busy schedule. These socks will not be done any time soon!

Suri Alpaca

10 Apr

I’ve been SLOWLY spinning Suri Alpaca for about a month now. It’s from a raw fleece shipped to me from an alpaca farmer in California. I hooked up with this farmer through a Facebook group where farmers and spinners can exchange unfinished fiber with finished yarn. The fleece is usually divided equally between the two participants.

I’ve never spun Suri alpaca and this was quite a challenge to say the least. The singles are not my best work but I’m happy to report the the sport weight 3-ply is pretty nice looking. And, if you’ve never felt Suri Alpaca, it’s very soft and silky. So far, this is the only picture I have – on the scale before one of the skeins went into the bath water.


I’m glad to see that Weight Watchers scale is getting some use! Lol

 Still have quite a bit more to do on it. I don’t think I’ll do another trade. It’s more pressure than I like. You have a time frame to spin it in. And I really don’t think I’m experienced enough with raw fleecE prep to be doing work for others. I hope she is pleased with the final product once I mail it to her. I’d knit with it… :-) 

Fibonacci Socks

7 Apr

I’ve started on the colorwork portion of the Fibonacci socks. You actually knit these inside out.


That’s so those “floats” don’t get too tight and therefore the socks still stretch nicely. Unfortunately, mine are a bit tight at the top. I think coming off the ribbing I didn’t have the floats loose enough. They still fit okay on my leg.



But it is tough to get them over my heel in the “wide” part where the heel joins the leg. I’m going to start on the other one. If it is significantly better, I’ll rip this one back and start again. It’s only 24 rows (albeit 24 very slow knitting  rows)…. 

Pair #7

6 Apr


The first picture sows the actual orange color better, but the second picture shows the pattern better. The pattern name is Necker named after Louis Necker “who drew an illusion in which a two-dimensional drawing suggests cubes that simultaneously protrude out from and intrude into the page.” (Op-Art Socks book)

 I’ve always loved cube quilts so that’s why I chose this pattern to start with from the Op-Art Socks book. It was also very easy compared to some of the others in the book!

I set a goal to knit 15 pairs of socks in 2015. I’m almost half way to my goal with half of the knitting season completed. (Some of you might not have a knitting season, but I usually don’t knit in the spring and summer. I stop when the yarn sticks to my fingers because I’m sweating too much!) However…. I did ball up some more sock yarn this morning so I may start Fibonacco socks tonight!

Our Anniversary

5 Apr

Our anniversary fell on Easter this year. We’ve been married for 18 years today. And I have to say it’s been a great 18 years! I know people say that they’ve married their best friend – it’s almost cliche. But I truly did marry my best friend. And we’ve became closer and closer as the years have passed. Maybe it’s age that has calmed me down. 😀. I’ve learned to tolerate his imperfections and he tolerates mine. I am so happy that we married and built this wonderful life together.

On the knitting front: I’m almost done with the Orange “tang” colored socks – although they look pink in this lighting.


Both socks are at the same point. They need 8 more pattern rows and the toes done. I hope to get them finished today. But then what? I cleaned for Easter and put most of my yarn away for the non-knitting season. I have suri alpaca (STILL!) to spin. I’m almost finished with that. Then I have some hand-dyed Romney (just 4 oz) and 2+ pounds of raw Rambouillet / Targhee cross. I’m really looking forward to scouring and spinning that up! Two pounds is a lot!

Happy Easter to all. Have a calm day.

Best. Post. Ever.

1 Apr

The Yarn Harlot’s blog post from yesterday is fantastic! Check it out by clicking here!


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