I’m Sick Now

26 Feb

Well, this flu/cold has gone through everyone in my house plus my mom has it bad. Finally, it’s come back to me! I had a mild sore throat and some congestion two weekends ago, but last night I started coming down with the same symptoms again. Today, my voice was failing fast during lecture and I cut it short and gave the students lab work to do. No fever yet for me, though. Yet…

I finished the Amethyst scarf. It’s blocking and may be wearable tomorrow! 😃 The piece is supposed to do dual-duty and act as either a short capelet or an infinity scarf, but mine is just an infinity scarf. I would have had to go up at least a needle size to pull off the capelet. I will do that someday, just not this project with this yarn. I’ll snap some pictures tomorrow on how that turned out.

I started socks with the superwash merino roving that I dyed and spun.

The yarn is between a heavy fingering and a sport weight so I had to move up a needle size to a 2. That means they will be thicker but fewer stitches to knit. I have no idea how tall the socks will end up being. I will knit until I run out of yarn.

Busy, Busy, Busy

25 Feb

There is too much going on here!   We try to limit the activities that our kids can be in so that it doesn’t interfere with their school work. But for the next couple of weeks, some things are overlapping. Science Fair is Friday and Gianna is determined to qualify for regionals again this year. Her project is very good and unique.

She is also Grace in the musical Annie. Grace is Daddy Warbucks’ secretary. The musical is in 10 days so they have practice every night for 2 1/2 hours! And then there is Scholastic Bowl (which is a “sport” in our family because we are so stinking competitive).  Throw in a bout with the cold/flu and we are scrambling to keep afloat here.

But this overlap only lasts a short time, then things will calm down. Meanwhile, I’m slowly knitting an infinity scarf from my handspun amethyst merino.

It’s easy knitting and should block up nicely if I ever get some solid time to knit on it!

A Quick Post

22 Feb


The superwash merino plyed up nicely. I will make a pair of socks although they may have short legs. I’m not sure I have enough yardage for a very tall leg.

I have been trying a new technique when spinning and its increasing the accuracy in my single widths. However, I’m not twisting it enough. I need to do BOTH and then maybe the yarn will be where I want it to be.

So Proud Of This

19 Feb

It’s ridiculous how proud I am of this scarf! From hair to a wearable piece! How cool is that?


It feels incredible and I want to stop people on the street and tell them that I made this from alpaca hair! I’ve actually seen the animal that grew this hair!

I’m psycho and need help….I know. But, seriously, how cool is that?

Gianna has been laid up sick all week. Our nights have gone from running here there and everywhere to doing absolutely nothing. She lays around napping and I am a poor excuse for a nurse. However, I have spinning to show from the weekend and week.

First up, plyed a 2-ply merino that I got when I first got my wheel.


I will have 350 yards plus once it’s all said and done! This is my most consistent 2-ply yet. It will become another scarf.

I received some superwash merino from a shop on Etsy. I tried to dye it myself. I thought I ruined it by felting it. Dyeing roving/fiber is harder than dyeing yarn in my opinion.


Late last night during one of my insomnia bursts, I got up and decided to spin some up and see how it looks (and see if it’s felted).

Another happy accident! Some of the outer pieces were slightly felted. But besides that, it’s very easy to spin. The inner pieces didn’t get dyed all the way, so it’s mixing color with white to create a pastel blue/green yarn! I love happy accidents!

A Crappy Weekend

16 Feb

It was a rough weekend. Dan felted some of my socks. The turkey I was going to make for Sunday’s supper was rancid. Lots of little things – every time I would try to use my computer or Bluetooth headset, they were dead because SOMEONE had borrowed them but did not plug them back in for charging! Lots of little things that kept piling up.

But it’s Monday so hopefully I’m in for a better week. Here are some pics of…. What else…. Knitting.

Dot had asked about the headband that matches those mittens I posted. The pattern is called Criss Cross Cable headband and is a free download on Ravelry.

I don’t think I ever posted a slouch hat that I made Gianna last month either.



That pattern is called The Perfect Slouch Hat and is also available free from Ravelry.

Dan ripped more holes in his slippers so I knitted up a third pair for him.


I made more progress on the alpaca scarf.


And I dyed the BFL/Southdown an aqua green.

Since they are different fibers, they took the green dye differently and look barber pole-like. I will make a scarf (again, another scarf) from that for the next project. Probably.

I’m off for Presidents’ Day. I am taking DJ back to school and making up tests that will be given this week. I’m in for a rough week. We are having our computer club PC clinic Wednesday through Friday so that means 12-hour days for me. We have previously done it on a weekend which means 12-hour days on weekends then back to work. I hope this is a better solution

More Knitting and Spinning

14 Feb

My teal merino mittens that match my headband are finally finished.

I would have preferred gloves over mittens but the yarn was too bulky for that. Mittens will do for dog walking!

I’ve picked out a scarf pattern for the black alpaca. The yarn is dense and heavy and, let’s not forget, BLACK so I wanted something that would lighten it up in both weight and color. I chose the Mammoth Mill Infinity Scarf. Here is the stock picture of how it will turn out.


I started to knit the scarf with the Size 11 needles that the pattern called for, but woke up this morning and ripped out what I had done and dropped to size 10 needles instead.


The blue yarn is a provisional cast-on which will be taken out and grafted to the end for a loop-like infinity scarf. Gianna said, “I’d wear that!” when she saw it, so I had better keep tabs on it when it’s finished.

I did a lot of spinning this week. I spin singles for BFL and Southdown. Unfortunately, I mixed the singles up when plying! So I have two long skeins of BFL/ Southdown mix. Probably 350 yards of 2-ply.


I think that will be fine. I have no idea if you can mix fibers like that or not. I also have two skeins of 3-ply of the BFL (top) and Southdown (bottom).


The Southdown is very soft but kind of tough for me to spin. The BFL… Well, I’ve had that in my stash for over a year. That’s the first yarn I tried to spin on a spindle and on the DoDec wheel. I struggled terribly with it every time I attempted to use it. But after watching a video this week about drafting techniques and having so much practice since purchasing the new wheel, the BFL was quite easy to spin and went very smoothly.

I have more fiber coming that I hope to dye then spin but… It will NOT be here this weekend! Crud! I will knit my supply of spun yarn and I do have about 6 oz of merino in blue and purple that can be spun if I need a fix. 😊

More Spinning

10 Feb

This week I’m spinning Babydoll Southdown wool. It’s interesting… Very different than merino or alpaca but similar to the Dorset down.

I’m having the most success by ripping off a chunk about 9-10″ long then dividing it lengthwise into thin pieces.


It has little dots of fiber inside the roving. I saw online where someone called them “nebbs”. But they make small dots or bumps in the singles making it look rustic.

I don’t know if you can see those bumps or not in the picture above.

But it is VERY EASY to spin. I’ve got almost a 1/3 of it spun already. I’m debating on whether to 2-ply or 3-ply it. It’s supposed to be great for socks (can be machine washed and dried without felting) so I want to 2-ply it so it’s nice and thin. However, my 2-ply is not as “good looking” as my 3-ply. Plus I don’t have enough there to make tall socks so I’ll have to make booties or combine with commercial sock yarn which is traditionally 3-plyed. Either way I think I’ll dye the yarn when it is spin.

Now you can see what keeps me awake at night! 😊 all these decisions that are of such importance!

I haven’t touched the mittens that I said would be done already. And I’ve been thinking of making gloves from the alpaca I spun this weekend.

So many things to do….. So little time…. Off to work to pay the bills!


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