Monday Musings

31 Jan

1.  We’re all worked up about this “blizzard” that’s headed to Illinois.  Will it hit us?  Will we get 2-3 feet of snow as projected?  Most importantly, will school be canceled?  The kids’ school will cancel.  My school NEVER cancels.  It’s silly really.  It’s a commuter college so there are no boarders.  Everyone – students, faculty, and staff – has to drive in to come to school.  There’s no public transportation and we’re located in the middle of corn fields.  But the president of the college doesn’t believe in closing.  I’ll take a sick/personal day if necessary.

But we’ll probably escape all but a few inches of snow and all this worry will be for naught.

2.  I finished my socks… and wore them today as planned.

They fit well.  The leg could be taller but I’m not going to fret that one bit..

3.  I didn’t get the bathroom project finished. C’est la vie.

4.  I started Gianna’s fair isle sweater.

There is just no way I”m going to have enough yarn!  I have to rethink this project… I took all they had in that dye lot but maybe it needs to be turned into scarves and hats.

5.  Gianna stayed home today still recovering from the flu.  Dan took off to stay with her.  She’s totally over it now.  The rest of us feel fine also.  Knock on wood…

6.  It’s starting to snow pretty good out there right now in fact. Maybe we will miss school after all.

7.  As I was cleaning up the kitchen before making this blog post, I can’t help but wonder… Why can the dirty dishes make it to the counter ABOVE the dishwasher but not IN the dishwasher?  How difficult can it be to open up the door to see if the dishes inside are clean or dirty?  Add yours if they are dirty; empty the dishes if they are clean.  Seems like a relatively easy task for people to figure out.

8.  Time to make taco salads for supper.  Probably not the best choice for queasy stomachs…


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