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19 Oct

Dan and I are making a rustic spinning wheel for me to try out.  It’s called a dodec because the wheel is actually a do-decagon.  We made the base this morning.

????????The intersections are wet because I applied some wood filler in the cracks then wiped it down.  It had not dried before I photographed it.  🙂  This is supposed to be a simple project but we have a way of making everything more difficult than it needs to be.

I should finish the scarf I’ve been knitting some time tonight. I’m also loading another quilt to be quilted.  It’s screaming custom also.  Of course it is…  I’m off to purchase backing because I don’t feel like piecing a back.


What’s Happening Today

15 Sep

I got up early and walked 2.25 miles this morning.  It’s scheduled to rain today and I wanted to make sure I got a walk in today.  I’ve been able to walk about 4 out of the 7 days each week.  I think that really helps with my dieting.  I’ve consistently lost a pound a week since school began. I would lose more if I didn’t go off on the weekends.  But…  It is what it is.  I’ll take a pound a week.

I had a Goodwill trip this week.  I purchased two sweaters.  Here’s one.

????????It was $2 and I’m going to unravel it this morning.  It’s 60% cotton and 40% acrylic.  I don’t usually like either cotton or acrylic but it’s very soft and I think the acrylic will help keep the cotton springy and won’t hurt my hands when knitting it.  If I don’t like it – well, it was only $2, right?

EDIT:  The sweater above unraveled so nicely!

????????It only took about an hour and yielded 264 grams of fingering weight yarn. Plus three buttons!


I also bought an orange cashmere sweater for $2.  No pictures of that one yet.

I received an order of fingering weight purple heathered yarn from Knit Picks yesterday also.

???????? There are six skeins there.  I’m planning on making a short sleeved cardigan.  Out of fingering weight, you ask?  I found a pattern where you use size 6 needles and it drapes nicely.  I think it will be nice for the fall.  Straight boring stockinette stitch.  Should be okay.  Otherwise that’s a lot of socks and scarves in purple, right?

And I started a cowl for my oldest daughter at her insistence.

????????It’s not turning out anything like the pattern.  It’s an easy knit and will be an easy unravel if it doesn’t turn out!  🙂  So even though I said I wasn’t going to start a new knitting project this weekend, I did.  But it will be finished and blocked tonight.

Today’s schedule involves unraveling the GW sweater, balling up the Knit Picks purple yarn, and cleaning my sewing room.  Hopefully I can get a row done on my next Scrap Squad quilt!  I also need to start DJ on the Cyber Aces contest.  BUSY, BUSY, BUSY as usual.

What A Week So Far

12 Sep

It’s only Thursday but I’m exhausted!  Gianna has basketball beginning at 6:15am every morning!  So we are up at 5:30am to make lunches and get ready.  After dropping her off, I knit for 1/2 hour before waking DJ up and getting him out the door by 7:25am.  Then I go to work.  Monday, I subbed for an evening class where the teacher was traveling for business.  That meant working 8am-8:30pm with very little actual breaks.  Tuesday, I had a regular teaching/meeting day (8-3:30), but then went shopping for basketball shoes for Gianna. She was wearing last year’s shoes but was complaining that they hurt her feet.  It ended up that she went up 1.5 sizes!  I’ll say that her feet hurt – the shoes were WAY TOO SMALL!  And yesterday?  An identical day to Monday – day classes followed by my own night class.  Just to shake things up, we had “Spirit Day” at the college which involved my computer club setting up a table and students stopping by to join.  The club members did most of the “work” yesterday but I had to do quite a bit of setup on Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

So see?  That’s why this post is entitled – What a week so far!

I knitted the quickest scarf yet over the past 5 days.


Don’t you just love that edging?  It flows so nicely from that lace leaf pattern!  I must be into knitting leaves.  The last few scarves/shawls have been leaves.  The name of the pattern is “Spring Thaw Shawl“.   I stayed home an extra 1/2 hour this morning to get it blocking on the spare bed.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit chilly and I plan on wearing it.  🙂

What’s up for the weekend?  Well, Friday night I’m working the “Fan Gear” tent at the high school football game again.  Then, this weekend I plan on cleaning TWO bedrooms and my sewing room.  I WILL NOT START ANOTHER KNITTING PROJECT!  I will try to get a jump on the two quilts I have in progress (piecing) and quilt some on the Christmas quilt that’s been in hibernation!

That’s the plan at least…


What’s Happening

7 Sep

I started a new scarf from an unraveled sweater.

The yarn is from a sweater that has the contents of 35% wool, 35% viscose (anyone know what that is?), 15% nylon, 10% silk, and 5% cashmere. Even though its only 10% silk, the yarn feels like pure silk. I had to manipulate the picture to get it close to the actual color. It’s a light mottled green. It almost has an opulent feel to it. I really like working with this yarn. The sweater was a Goodwill purchase two years ago – less than $4.00 for the whole shebang. One of the reasons I like knitting scarves is so I can use this bargain yarn. Plus I do wear them to work.

School is going great for both kids and me. Gianna made the basketball team. She is also on the speech team. Both kids really like/liked the speech team.

Dj had his first football game yesterday. No, he doesn’t play football. He plays in the band! The first home game means he played a few tunes between the JV and varsity games.

DJ is the second trumpeter from the left in this picture. He’s also a second trumpet which means he doesn’t play the melody but the harmony. The band is small – only about 20-25 in it. Like all small schools, you have to do it all. So you see JV football players finish the game and come play; cheerleaders; kids who were working the t-shirt stands. That’s why not everyone has a uniform on.

I haven’t worked on the new quilt all week. I think I’ll spend some time on it tonight and tomorrow. I’ll post pictures when I can.

Map My Walk

19 Aug

I got a new app for my iPhone called “Map My Walk”. It’s so awesome! It uses your GPS to track your walk and then you can save your route. It keeps track of your stats in case you want to walk faster or keep a certain pace. Here is what it emailed me for my summary.

Pretty cool? Don’t ya think?

I didn’t walk today, however. I was exhausted after a full day of classes and being in my feet all day. Tomorrow… 😄
Btw: I have the free version of the software. They also have a $0.99 version and a monthly MVP version.

Last Day

18 Aug

Tomorrow starts school for all of us! The summer went by quickly as usual. My labs still need more fine tuning, but I’m going out again today for an hour to do just that. All my classes are set up in Blackboard (our classroom management system). Podcasts have been recorded. Syllabi are ready to go over. As for my own kids, they have clothes, schedules, supplies. It’s got to be nerve racking for both of them. Gianna switches classes for her subjects for the first time. Dj is in his first year of high school. I hope everything goes well for him especially. He’s the one I’m most nervous about.

I’ve been addicted to knitting the Hitchhiker scarf. I’ve made quite a bit of progress by just doing 5 minutes here and there.


I’m halfway through the number of points but not half done with the scarf. It gets bigger as you go. Once I finish with that ball of yarn, I’ll be halfway. It’s a nice squishy scarf and the variegated yarn really hides my mistakes! Mistakes with garter stitch? I tend to speed up and go through the stitch below the one that’s on my needle. Which produces a stockinette stitch. I correct them when I see them, but I’ve missed a few. 😊

What’s on today’s agenda? Golf driving range for both kids and me, softball practice for Dan and Gianna, and marking DJ’s school supplies. I think Dj needs a new book bag too. So some shopping might be in order.

And some more knitting…

More Canning

14 Aug

Canned more peaches today.

????????We canned another 24 pints so that makes 50 pints in total.  My oldest daughter wanted some and she was going to come over to help and see how to do it.  But, her schedule at work got changed and so it was just my mom, my youngest daughter and I again.  We’ve got an assembly line down pat so it went quickly.  The last 6 jars are in the canner now and we’re totally cleaned up.  I timed it this time – 2 hours up to this point.  The last batch still has to boil then cook for 20 minutes.

I had to get up early and take DJ to his first golf team practice.  Yes, you read that right.  DJ went out for the golf team.  Does he play golf?  No.  He has practiced with me a few times in the yard.  But his school has a “freshman-no-cut” policy.  There were about 6 guys who knew how to play and 6 who didn’t.  He liked it and will go to practice every day this week at 7am.

Yesterday was his “freshman orientation”.  He loved it.  We had a parents’ meeting at night.  It was great.  Tonight there is a sports-parents’ meeting that I wasn’t planning on going to but now that he’s in golf – I’m going I guess.  🙂

Since I was up and it was cool outside this morning, I made 7 half-pints of strawberry jam.  I freeze that.  It’s low sugar but I don’t do the no-sugar method because it didn’t set up well last time I tried it.  We are totally out of jam as of last week.  Blueberries are on sale and so are blackberries.  I may try to get a batch of that done this weekend.

Not much sewing to report on.  Busy, busy, busy with family things!