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More CVM

7 Sep

I finished the last batch of CVM fiber. It turned out true fingering weight, even after washed. That’s good (because I want to be able to spin fingering not weight) and bad (because the last skein was sport weight. Now I have a skein of each!).  No pictures of that yet because it is drying. It came out to be 2.8 ounces and 205 yards. Pictures to follow.

I dyed some more of the washed CVM locks and some that didn’t maintain their lock structure. This time I used Blue Raspberry Kool-Aid. It’s very bright!

I thought, “Good. Purple and blue look good together. What if I carded the purple I did the day before with this blue and then spun it up all blended?” So I tried it.

Because I chain-plyed it, some is mixed and some is solid of one color or the other. And although it looks okay, it’s not my thing. I really like solids or yarn that reads mostly solid. I have two ounces of each color dyed so I’m going to spin and ply those up separately. Maybe I’ll use the white/gray with stripes of blue and purple in so thing together. The purple carded up nicely so far and I’ve begun spinning the singles at 40-45wpi.


It’s been a nice holiday weekend with plenty of variety. DJ was home. He had a couple of friends over for games last night and they invited Gianna and I to play too. Anytime you can have a group of 16-year-olds sitting around playing board games and eating pizza instead of out making trouble, that’s a good thing!