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6 Sep

So far this holiday weekend, I have been washing the CVM fleece. I only wash/scour 3ouncws at a time because this fleece is exceptionally gross. 

Some of these locks have been washed twice and the poop stains are still on some of the tips. Super gross. I’ve been cutting those off after they dry. 

If I can’t keep the lock structure, I’ve been putting those pieces in a bag, so this morning I dyed those pieces with Kool-Aid.

One package of Tyranasaurus Rex flavor per ounce. There’s nice color saturation there and good variety. I won’t spin that until I’ve got more. I might blend it while carding it with some CVM that I’ll color blue or grape purple (which is different than this color believe it or not). 

Cleaning the house and laundry are on the schedule today. That’s not fun at all!