New CVM Fleece

25 Aug

I bought a new fleece online. It’s 6 pound CVM Romiedale fleece. It was not covered or coated so there is quite a bit of VM.

Alpaca gets you spoiled – there is little to no VM in the alpaca I’ve spun! I washed some up (about 8 ounces).

This morning some parts were dry so I flicked the ends instead of carding it (as per advise from the breeder).

  It looks really white there but it’s definitely an oatmeal color. And I couldn’t resist spinning just a tad bit of it.
I will ply that upon itself (chain or Navajo ply) tonight and soak it to see how it’s going to look. I will probably leave this first batch in the original color but may try dying the second batch. 

It’s very soft. It has a nice crimp. It feels almost like a down fiber similar to Southdown. I’m not going to spin all 6 pounds at once.  Once I see what it looks and feels like, I’ll decide on a project to knit and just spin up what I need. 

Ahhhh…. Another project!


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