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Very Interesting

25 Aug

This new fiber has me intrigued. I don’t think it’s oatmeal color but instead, it’s a light gray. 

The more I spin, the grayer it looks. I did some research on the breed and came across this picture.

I’m pretty sure the one on the left (varied gray) is close to what mine will turn out to look like. 

Some background:CVM stands for California Veriagated Mutant. It’s a rare breed that spinners seem to like. It’s soft like merino so you can wear it next to your skin without irritation. It has high crimp so it’s bouncy and poofs up once plyed, washed/soaked and dried. It does felt. And it takes dye well but has a matte finish. 

The little bit that I spun there is very nice. I flicked most of the locks but hand carded some. Carding is faster and I didn’t see any degradation in quality from carding. I flick with a cat comb/brush and have waste. I didn’t seem to have as much waste when carding so that’s probably what I’ll do. I’ll see if there is any visible difference in the finished yarn between the flicked and carded stuff. I spun that single at 45 wpi so even 3-ply should be nice and thin.

I find it so interesting how different breeds produce totally different wool and each feels so different to spin. 


New CVM Fleece

25 Aug

I bought a new fleece online. It’s 6 pound CVM Romiedale fleece. It was not covered or coated so there is quite a bit of VM.

Alpaca gets you spoiled – there is little to no VM in the alpaca I’ve spun! I washed some up (about 8 ounces).

This morning some parts were dry so I flicked the ends instead of carding it (as per advise from the breeder).

  It looks really white there but it’s definitely an oatmeal color. And I couldn’t resist spinning just a tad bit of it.
I will ply that upon itself (chain or Navajo ply) tonight and soak it to see how it’s going to look. I will probably leave this first batch in the original color but may try dying the second batch. 

It’s very soft. It has a nice crimp. It feels almost like a down fiber similar to Southdown. I’m not going to spin all 6 pounds at once.  Once I see what it looks and feels like, I’ll decide on a project to knit and just spin up what I need. 

Ahhhh…. Another project!