22 Aug

I finished spinning and plying the last of Benny the Alapaca’s fleece last night.  Pictures will have to wait until tomorrow because the last two hanks are still drying.

I retrieved some superwash merino from storage that I hand dyed and set up my wheel in double drive and started spinning that. Here it is after dyeing:


Here is the first 1/3 spun on the wheel. The colors blended nicely. I like semi-solid yarn.

I wanted to try double drive tension instead of scotch tension because I watched a video that said I can get thinner singles (resulting in thinner 3-ply yarn) with double drive.  I’m not sure these are thinner but it does seem to have more twist. My very unscientific spinning comparisons say that the yarn is about 45wpi (wraps per inch). That’s right in the middle of fingering and light fingering weight yarn.  But that’s when it’s spun up tightly like this. Once I ply and set in water, it puffs up. 

Since this is combed roving from a mill, it spins up quicker than Raw fleece.  I should have the other 2/3 done this weekend and plyed early on next week so I’ll see what kind of yarn it turns out to be.


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