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Finally Finished

8 Aug

Took a month to knit these because I put them aside so often. Usually that means I don’t finish them at all because I forget where I was in the pattern. But these are finished and finished is good.

The pattern is called “Gladys”. It’s cuff down which is not my favorite. I like this sock designer and will knit more socks from her. But not next. I’m socked-out! 12 socks in 7 months. That’s enough socks for any woman (and her daughter).  So what’s next? No clue. I am still spinning the alpaca fleece so maybe I’ll concentrate on getting that done and not have a knitting project at all. 

School starts Monday with meetings. The following Monday is when the students start. I’ve been back to work for  three weeks – half days – trying to prepare. Still a lot to do though.