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New Project

9 Jul

Since I finished the blue hand-dyed, hand-spun socks yesterday, I was able to start looking for the next project. I considered NOT knitting socks. How about a scarf, gloves, or a hat. But those just didn’t appeal to my summer knitting self. Plus I need a portable project that I can take to dental appointments and Japanese lessons. I need something that can last for the next month and fit in my purse.  Socks…. That’s the only viable solution.

This pattern has been in my queue for a while. It’s cuff-down – my least favorite way to knit socks. Why? It takes forever to cast on with the slip stitch cast on. I have to do at least three rows on DPNs (double pointed needles) because I twist the first row with circs. And finally, I like increases in the toes instead of decreases because I feel like they hold up better. But I like this pattern so I am taking my time (still had to start one twice because I messed something up!).

Here is my yarn.

Dang, it’s soft! The color is borderline darker than it should be to reflect the light and see all the textures of this pattern. But I think it will be okay.

Had back issues last night. I have no idea what caused it. I thought those kidney stones were the cause. I haven’t had issues since having the surgery. But, man, I was in pain all last night! A TENS unit alternating with ice has helped today and I’m about 89% good. ( 90% is just too much of a commitment). I’m paying more attention to how I’m sitting and trying not to be a couch potato and I hope that helps.