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I Am Alive

12 Jun

I had a rough dental appointment on Tuesday. I had a tooth with a crown break at the root and it needed to be removed.  I won’t give you the gory details but let’s just say that it was worse than child birth and I lost two days of my life. I rarely get the pain killer prescription filled, but this time I needed it to get through the first night. The painkillers (or the ordeal) made me sick to my stomach so I had another day of bed rest because I was nauseous and dizzy.

But now I’m alive and well and don’t want to go through that ever again!  

I’ve been spinning away. This is what my bathroom looks like right now.

That’s about 600 yards of handspun in DK weight and a small bag of washed fiber all waiting to dry on this wet, rainy Frday morning. I just looked up cardigan patterns on Ravelry and apparently I’m going to need at least 1400 yards for a sweater. So I’m not at the halfway point yet but I have plenty of fiber to process yet.

This bag of fiber I just washed is smaller this normal because I’m trying something new. I read on a Ravelry group that you are supposed to soak your fiber overnight to loosen all the dirt and debris. Then scald twice and rinse. This fiber has a lot of VM (vegetable matter) that’s trapped in the locks and I’m hoping this helps loosen and wash it away better. The author of the post assured me/us/the readers that it would not felt going from cold to hot like that. So I grabbed a handful and tried it. I’ll let you know if the fiber is cleaner or the same (or ruined). 



9 Jun

We picked strawberries at a local farm yesterday morning. Once I got them home and washed them, I didn’t think I’d have enough for jam because my family was devouring them as fast as they could! But today, I set some aside and made some freezer jam.

I alway stir the containers after a few hours of setting because the fruit floats to the top. I mash the fruit after cutting them in small pieces, but I still have some pretty big chunks in there.  We don’t care because it tastes awesome on toast in the morning with all those chunky goodness in there!

I’m getting a tooth pulled today. I plan on being out of commission for a few days. I don’t take well to this sort of thing….

Spinning Update

8 Jun

I plyed up the Wensleydale cross fiber that I had spun singles for so far. This picture is before the bath to relax the twists.

It is a DK weight. I hope to have enough from the 3.75 pounds to make a sweater in the fall.  I asked the grower what the ewe was crossed with. They said it was a “surprise”. 😊  It might be a Bond, Rambouillet, or Gotland.  Probably the Bond, she said. The color is interesting. It’s black, brown, and a pretty shade of light gray mixed together.  I really like spinning it. It spins up easily. 

This is my June spinning project, I’ve decided. Every day, I try to wash 7-8oz. I try to spin a bobbin’s worth each day too. Most days I don’t make both goals.  Too busy. But that’s the plan to get the fleece all spun up by the end of June. 

We had a softball tournament this past weekend. We were rained out on Sunday but Saturday, my daughter pitched fantastic! The best she has pitched so far this year. The first game, she pitched 7 innings and had 15 strikeouts, with only 3 walks and 2 hits. It was a battle of the pitchers because the opposing pitcher had 12 strikeouts also. We ended up winning 3-2. A nail-biter! She played shortstop for the second game then had to come back to pitch the third game. We are told that’s okay for softball and won’t hurt her shoulder because the underarm fast pitch is a natural movement and they don’t count pitches nor limit the pitches for softball (that’s unlike baseball). She did well for as tired as she was. She struck out 10, but walked 6 or 7 in that game. We lost. She slept well that night!

Rain continues to plague our softball season. We were rained out the previous weekend and may be rained out for practice tonight. Rain is in the forecast for our Double header this week too!  It’s going to be one of those seasons….

Number 3

5 Jun

I’ve started my new socks three different times. I can’t seem to find a pattern that fits the yarn and the gauge.  This one comes from the book that it’s laying on top of. The stitch pattern is called ” Yarn Over Cables”.

The pattern is very easily memorized. I’m working it over 60 stitches total instead of 64 because 64 just seemed too big for this gauge (8 stitches to the inch). 

I broke a tooth yesterday. I broke it at the root inside of a crown. Not good. Going to lose the tooth. That’s not good either. Advil is controlling the pain until I can get it pulled next week. Ugh…

Not Much To Report

4 Jun

I finished my socks.

And started another pair from my hand dyed, hand spun yarn.


This is actually the second start. I started the pattern “My Cup of Tea”. It’s a cuff down pattern. But I just didn’t like how it was beginning. It wasn’t right for this handspun. I don’t know what pattern this toe-up version is going be.

And I golfed this morning for the first time in many years. No pictures of that 😊.  But I had fun with my dad and my daughter. I will go again soon. 


2 Jun

I’m booking along on these socks.

And I’m washing…




And spinning the Wensleydale fleece.