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Dryer Balls

23 Jun

When I spin raw fleece, I have some waste. Either it’s fiber that was cut a second time by the shearer (called second cuts – they are very short) or it’s fiber that has a lot of VM (vegetable matter) and I can’t shake it out, or it’s just mistakes that I break off in inch segments or so.  All the spinners and growers talk about making dryer balls out of this fiber so last night I thought I’d try it. I watched a few videos and it’s super easy. I decided to just bunch the raw, washed fiber together and then hold it in shape by using some yarn that I purchased years ago from a farm but don’t like to knit with. Then repeated with more fiber and more yarn. It worked out very well.

The dark bits that you can see poking through is the Wensleydale fiber I’m working with now. The yarn is shown in the picture. I have a lot of that yarn! 

So what do you do with dryer balls? They replace the fabric softener sheets in your dryer. Some people don’t like the chemicals in those sheets so this is a natural alternative to absorbing the static. Also, like the plastic dryer balls you can buy, they roll around in your dryer and fluff up your clothes making drying time quicker (inserting air) and helping to cut down on wrinkles. I read that most people use 3-4 in their dryer at one time.  They don’t fall apart because they are felted. You can add lavender or other essential oils. I did not. 

So apparently I’m making dryer balls now from my scraps. 😊