22 Jun

I saw an alpaca named Benny get sheared today. 

He’s a new addition to the local alpaca farm. I brought home LOTS of his fiber!


That’s about 3 pounds of fiber! I soaked 4 ounces and it was not very dirty at all!  Just a bit dusty.  A beautiful color, don’t you think? I can’t start to spin it until my current FOREVER project is done. I’m ready to ply another 4 ounces tomorrow morning. But I still have about 12 ounces to comb and spin.

This past weekend Gianna was in another softball tournament. This tournament drew a lot of teams from the suburbs. We went 2-2. We played well on Saturday and made a lot of errors on Sunday. Gianna played really well. She pitched two games very well, and one game not so well.  She hit 3 doubles and one OUT-OF-THE-PARK homerun!  That was really exciting. Her goal this year was to hit a ball over the fence and she accomplished it.  😊

Back to spinning the wool so I can get started on the new alpaca fleece!


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