18 Jun

Softball, taxi-driving the kids, and spinning are all that’s been happening here.

We were able to get in one softball game last night. It’s been raining so much that it’s been tough to practice or play! It was a very exciting game too! We only had 9 girls so no one could get hurt. Gianna was the only pitcher so she had to make it through all the innings! We played 7 innings and won 7-6. Gianna had 14 strikeouts but 7 walks. She needs to still get those walks down but she pitched a fabulous game. She also had two doubles and 4 RBIs. So it was a good game for her.  The girls on this team are a fun bunch. For the most part, they WANT to play. There is never an attitude problem. They get along great with each other. What they lack in skill, they make up for in scrappiness and effort. I really enjoy the games and I think they do too.  Dan and I have had to step up and coach more than usual because our regular coaches can’t make it a lot. Yesterday we even recruited my oldest son, Cory, to help. We believe in positive coaching. One play, one hit, doesn’t win or lose the game. Shake off the mistakes. No one yells at the girls for making a mistake. It’s going to happen. You play your best in the moment. I think that’s the only way to coach girls. They will shut down on you if you berate them for mistakes. They know when they’ve screwed up and they get down on themselves. You don’t need to add to that. Cory has a phrase that goes something like, ” Play to succeed. Don’t play to not screw up.” I like that attitude.

Fiber report:

Same thing! Still working my way through that Wensleydale cross fleece.  I have over 20 ounces and about 875 yards spun and plyed now. I only have one batch of fiber to wash. I still have a lot to card and spin though. Because of all the rain, it is taking forever to dry!  That bobbin there represents 4.1 ounces. I’m trying to get each skein as close to 4 ounces as possible. I took this picture so I’ll know what 4 ounces looks like and won’t stop short. 


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