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Bad Luck

14 Jun

You know the saying that goes, “If I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck at all?” That’s me this week.

After having to have that tooth extracted on Tuesday, and getting so sick from the pain meds, I had more misfortune yesterday! I started getting severe abdominal pains followed by severe vomiting.  Thinking it might be my appendix, I went to the emergency room after being sick all morning.  It was not appendicitis, but kidney stones.  I had to stay overnight and had surgery this morning to remove them (or it – I think there was only one. It was 5mm in size and the doctors didn’t think I would pass it because it was so big).  But I’m home now and on another cocktail of drugs for the coming week.  I feel wonderful now though! That pain was like labor pains!

I’m really putting my insurance to the test this week.  

Fiber-wise….  There’s always a fiber part of the post….  I couldn’t knit while nauseous but Gianna brought my travel sock project to the hospital anyway. They are coming along nicely.

It was laid out and two nurses were very curious and asked all kinds of questions about them. When I told them I spun and dyed the yarn, they wer really amazed.  And not that here’s-a-wacko kind of amazed but a hey-that’s-cool kind of amazed.  I told them that a local business may soon became spinning wheel dealers and they seemed interested.  One of the women said she owns Nigerian Pygmy Goats. She asked if their fleece can be harvested and spun.  So in my drug induced state, I went on Wikipedia and then Ravelry and the answer is YES.  It’s actually a very desirable fleece and may be close to mohair or cashmere depending on the age of the goat and other factors. 😊 Turning lemons into lemonade!  My question is: How do you harvest the hair? Combing like an angora bunny? Or actually cutting like a sheep? I went back on Ravelry and asked. I haven’t checked back yet to see if anyone answered me yet. 

So I’m taking it easy and plan on doing a lot of spinning this week.  We are predicted to have more rain. I just need to taxi-drive the kids to their events and get some work for the college done at home. And spin…. And knit…