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Spinning Update

8 Jun

I plyed up the Wensleydale cross fiber that I had spun singles for so far. This picture is before the bath to relax the twists.

It is a DK weight. I hope to have enough from the 3.75 pounds to make a sweater in the fall.  I asked the grower what the ewe was crossed with. They said it was a “surprise”. 😊  It might be a Bond, Rambouillet, or Gotland.  Probably the Bond, she said. The color is interesting. It’s black, brown, and a pretty shade of light gray mixed together.  I really like spinning it. It spins up easily. 

This is my June spinning project, I’ve decided. Every day, I try to wash 7-8oz. I try to spin a bobbin’s worth each day too. Most days I don’t make both goals.  Too busy. But that’s the plan to get the fleece all spun up by the end of June. 

We had a softball tournament this past weekend. We were rained out on Sunday but Saturday, my daughter pitched fantastic! The best she has pitched so far this year. The first game, she pitched 7 innings and had 15 strikeouts, with only 3 walks and 2 hits. It was a battle of the pitchers because the opposing pitcher had 12 strikeouts also. We ended up winning 3-2. A nail-biter! She played shortstop for the second game then had to come back to pitch the third game. We are told that’s okay for softball and won’t hurt her shoulder because the underarm fast pitch is a natural movement and they don’t count pitches nor limit the pitches for softball (that’s unlike baseball). She did well for as tired as she was. She struck out 10, but walked 6 or 7 in that game. We lost. She slept well that night!

Rain continues to plague our softball season. We were rained out the previous weekend and may be rained out for practice tonight. Rain is in the forecast for our Double header this week too!  It’s going to be one of those seasons….