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Lots To Share

30 May

First… Gianna’s 8th grade graduation was last night.

I have a million pictures but that’s my favorite. She was one of four students with perfect GPAs plus she received  As for the high school math class that she took as an 8th grader. That class is weighted more, so she ended up with a 4.2 GPA out of 4.  She’s a smartie and a nice person to boot!

I’ve been busily spinning away too. First I finished the singles from the Koolaid dyed superwash merino. And I got it plyed.

I haven’t counted the yardage yet. The small skein is the left over that is chain plyed. I love the color and it will make a great scarf or a great pair of socks! This is pre-bath yarn. It will relax a bit more after a soak.

I also bought more fiber. I know! Enough already! First I bought a pound of suri alpaca / merino blend.

And I bought 3 pounds 12 ounces of a Wensleydale cross fleece.

I’m trying to find out what sheep breed it is crossed with. The locks aren’t very long – about 2-3″ is all. But it’s really soft. I pulled off 3 ounces and washed it up. Then I did some experimental spinning and plying. 


 The top mini-skein was hand carded and the bottom one was “flicked” by individual lock. I feel like my hand carding makes the yarn more rustic and wanted to see the difference that aligning the fibers might make. I think they look the same, don’t you? It might be the breed or it might be the color. But after 3-plying, the resulting yarn isn’t too much different.  The singles of the flicked fiber is much more consistent, but flicking takes 10 times more time. Both of those mini-skeins will get a bath too and I’ll reevaluate what the yarn looks like. 3.75 pounds is a lot of fiber!  It’s very soft. But do I love the brown color? I might try to over dye those mini-skeins to see what colors are possible.