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More Fiber

26 May

I finished plying the Icelandic wool.

I haven’t counted up the yardage yet. It’s so humid here that the wool isn’t quite dry yet – still slightly damp even after soaking overnight.

Gianna and I dyed 4 ounces of superwash merino.

It’s really mottled and a combination of blues and aqua a. What are those blackish dots? Navy food coloring that I dotted on in random places. I thought that ruined it but it’s blending in nicely. Here’s what I’ve spun up so far.


The lighting doesn’t t show the variation in color well.  I’m trying to spin 3-ply fingering weight. So I’m constantly gauging my singles for LIGHT fingering 3-ply because it seems that the yarn puffs up a bit when I set it.

Today is going to rain all day. I’m not walking the rescue dogs as a result. But I am giving blood and cleaning out closets! Fun times here….