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Softball Weekend

25 May

Gianna was in a softball tournament this weekend 60 miles away. Just she and Dan went. DJ and I stayed home because DJ has finals coming up and had three papers to finish and three exams to study for. He has been studying and working non-stop. He only needs to to get through three more days and finish strong. I have mixed emotions about his school. It’s a lot of pressure for a young person. He was studying physics and chemistry yesterday with his brother, Cory. Cory was saying that what DJ was learning was exactly the same things that Cory  learned in college.  

During the softball games, I watched the play online through a program called Game Changer. It’s the coolest online scoring program. Usually when I go to the games, I score via Game Changer so that others who aren’t there at the game can watch it remotely. But since I wasn’t there, Dan did it for me. That app is awesome. Anyway… I knitted my heart out while watching the games and, lol and behold, got my socks finished.

The pattern was easy enough to knit while doing something else – especially because I was on the leg portion which didn’t require a lot of thought. 

I also have been steadily spinning the Icelandic wool. It spun up faster than any other roving I’ve done so far.

I am ready to ply today. I hope it doesn’t end up as rope! It’s so much thicker than what I have been doing lately. It should be worsted weight when finished. Maybe I’ll get time to ply that today.