Lots of pictures

22 May

My shawl/scarf is finished. 

The dark maroon part hardly shows at all when worn. I like it overall and I used up leftover sock yarn from my gloves project and some cream that I’ve had stashed forever.  

I received one of my packages.

   Starting at the top, super-wash Merino, Polwarth, and Icelandic fiber. All are 8 oz. I will dye the white ones. I was very intrigued by the Icelandic fiber. I like the color even if it’s not the softest. So I had to start spinning that one right away.

It’s staple length is about 6-7″ so it’s a long silky fiber. I’m trying to spin it thicker than usual so I will turn out to be a 3-ply worsted weight. 2.6oz spun up in no time at all – probably less than an hour.  It feels like a horse’s tail when I’m handling it.

Finally,,the socks. First off: two-plying sock yarn is not a good idea for me. I just don’t have the consistency I need! But they are knitting up okay. Second: I’m trying a different heel. I’m using a video from Blooming Knitter.  The heel flap is the BOTTOM of the heel. Then you knit the reinforced heel at the same time as the gusset. 

Weird, huh? 

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