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21 May

I started a new pair of socks from my hand spun.

Notice how they don’t match! A couple of years ago, that would have drive me crazy! But now I can live with it. Gianna never wears matching socks – it’s a fad for teens. I didn’t think I’d use the yarn for socks when I spun it. If I do this again, I’ll have to divide the roving in half both lengthwise and widthwise to get 4 pieces that are close to exact. Then spin into 4 singles and ply into two balls. Right? Or would there be an easier way? I’ll have to think that through when the time comes.

I finished knitting and blocking the maroon/white shawl too. I haven’t taken any pictures yet.

I’ve had a bit of a spending spree on fiber too. I bought some I dyed BFL and superwash merino, a dyed merino, and a Wensleydale fleece! Now I will stop! That (plus what I have) should last me a long time!