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Dog Walking

19 May

Today I walked Nico.

Nico is a husky / pit bull mix. He is only 8 months old and so full of energy that there was little to no actual walking taking place! I tried to walk him but decided to take him to the fenced in area and let him run around to tire out a bit. He doesn’t fetch a ball. He chased after it but only sometimes picked it up, never mind actually retrieving the ball! He was distracted by every noise, car, bird, etc. After 20 minutes, I went back inside and got a different harness that didn’t allow him to pull as much PLUS some dog treats to reward him for walking well. That helped a bit. He learned SIT easily enough but was still very difficult to walk. Get his puppy energy out of him and he’s going to be a great dog. He was so affectionate and eager to please!  But he needs a dedicated family who can spend a lot of time teaching him.

I also walked Fred.

He walked wonderfully. 

I’m going to say that most of the medium to larger dogs at the shelter are a mix of pit bull. Not only do people buy pit bulls and give them up but, if they keep them, they don’t have them fixed! WHY? Cost? Do they think they are going to make a mint by becoming home breeders? So sad that so many end up in the shelter.  Three of the four dogs I’ve walked are pit bulls or pit bull mixes.