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13 May

Everything I touch lately has just turned to crap! I’m in one of those funks and I can’t seem to break out of it. I need to knit or spin or do something to keep my mind occupied during the stress of these next few weeks, but my fiber crafts are causing stress instead of relieving them!

I felted that roving I dyed earlier this week. Yep… I thought it kind of looked felted but convinced myself that it just needed to dry. Not the case…. Had to be thrown away!

I started this scarf 3 times.

It’s using leftover sock yarn and turning out okay. I had to start it 3 times because I just couldn’t read my knitting and kept forgetting where I was in the pattern. Now I’m on a roll. I hope it will block out and look nicer than what it does there. 

I have two programs to grade and one class of student projects to grade and then all grades will be turned in and I’ll be done for a couple of weeks at least.

I had my first day of volunteering at the animal shelter yesterday. I am a dog walker. I walk a couple of dogs each Tuesday morning for an hour in order for them to get exercised and to train them to walk without pulling. I walked a beagle/boxer mix named StockyRocky and a pit bull named Mingo. The shelter has the dogs rated as green (safe), yellow (some issues), and red.  I am only walking the green ones. I’m fine with that!  Mingo was technically a yellow but his only issue was that he was a jumper. He walked fantastic – pulled a bit but when I corrected him, he was fine.