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10 May

Finished some short socks/slipper things.

Those are out of my handspun Romney yarn (BTW my legs look scaly and gross because they are scaly and gross). 

I tried to overdye some fawn Shetland. It doesn’t look much different. I used what I thought was dark brown food coloring and some peach mango koolaid. I thought it would make it look like a marbled earth tone look. Nope… Here it is drying in my shower.

It looks kinda like a snake. I hope Dan doesn’t try to kill it in the middle of the night. I braided the 6 ounces and left it braided in the dye bath so that some parts would remain undyed. But my brown is nowhere near dark enough. So what’s Plan B? Red? Or get a darker shade of brown food coloring? I’m not sure what I’ll do but I’ll do something different tomorrow.