A Busy Week

15 Apr

I have something going on every day and night this week! Monday I worked all day then had to return for an open house 5-7pm. Only 4 potential students stopped by during that time but I think all 4 will enroll in the networking program in the fall. Last night Gianna’s travel softball team had a double header in a town 40 minutes away. She played very well (pitched a great game and had a stand up double that was a screamer to deep center field) – but they still lost both games. It was their first outing of the season and they played against a very good team. Oh well….

Tonight I have to go set up for a conference that I’m attending tomorrow. And on Friday, I’m at a meeting an hour away! Sheesh! No rest for the weary!

I’ve been plugging away at my Fibonnacci socks…. Slowly….


Both socks have the legs and heels finished. I’ve adjusted my tension to be looser for the stranded knitting and it is working out. I’d estimate I’m only a third done. I have the gusset to do which seems to take forever, and the foot. I have only been knitting for 1/2 hour in the morning due to the busy schedule. These socks will not be done any time soon!


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