Suri Alpaca

10 Apr

I’ve been SLOWLY spinning Suri Alpaca for about a month now. It’s from a raw fleece shipped to me from an alpaca farmer in California. I hooked up with this farmer through a Facebook group where farmers and spinners can exchange unfinished fiber with finished yarn. The fleece is usually divided equally between the two participants.

I’ve never spun Suri alpaca and this was quite a challenge to say the least. The singles are not my best work but I’m happy to report the the sport weight 3-ply is pretty nice looking. And, if you’ve never felt Suri Alpaca, it’s very soft and silky. So far, this is the only picture I have – on the scale before one of the skeins went into the bath water.


I’m glad to see that Weight Watchers scale is getting some use! Lol

 Still have quite a bit more to do on it. I don’t think I’ll do another trade. It’s more pressure than I like. You have a time frame to spin it in. And I really don’t think I’m experienced enough with raw fleecE prep to be doing work for others. I hope she is pleased with the final product once I mail it to her. I’d knit with it… 🙂 


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