Pair #7

6 Apr


The first picture sows the actual orange color better, but the second picture shows the pattern better. The pattern name is Necker named after Louis Necker “who drew an illusion in which a two-dimensional drawing suggests cubes that simultaneously protrude out from and intrude into the page.” (Op-Art Socks book)

 I’ve always loved cube quilts so that’s why I chose this pattern to start with from the Op-Art Socks book. It was also very easy compared to some of the others in the book!

I set a goal to knit 15 pairs of socks in 2015. I’m almost half way to my goal with half of the knitting season completed. (Some of you might not have a knitting season, but I usually don’t knit in the spring and summer. I stop when the yarn sticks to my fingers because I’m sweating too much!) However…. I did ball up some more sock yarn this morning so I may start Fibonacco socks tonight!


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