A Great Weekend

30 Mar

We went to Chicago for the weekend. It was a wonderful time. We stayed right on State Street. We went shopping, went to see the Broadway musical “The Book of Mormon” and just spent a lot of quality time together as a family. The musical was fantastic. The humor was a little adult for Gianna, but I thought it was a great play. We ate too much pizza at Gioradano’s – as usual! On Saturday night we ordered delivery food and ate in the hotel room and played board games all night. It’s been over a year since we took a Chicago trip and it was great to get away. 

I finished these socks.


Pattern: Petty Harbor

Yarn: Berrocco Ultra-Fine (which is a merino/alpaca blend. Really nice to work with)

I bought this sock book.



…which is sideways for some reason! And I started this pair of socks.



See how the pattern looks like small 3D cubes?  The pattern would look best in a solid yarn. I thought this was a solid but it’s a bit light and dark in places although it doesn’t show in this picture. All the patterns in this book are harder to knit than my usual mindless sock knitting. But I love all of them so I will sprinkle some difficult socks in with the easy ones. I’m not sure how much more knitting I’ll do. I usually stop around this time of the year. I can’t knit when the yarn starts sticking to my fingers. Knitting season for me is October-March.

Busy at work this week. Lots of meetings and grading that has to get some. Dj is home for spring break too. I probably won’t get much posting done this week on the blog!


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