12 Mar

I’m having some fun dyeing roving today.

This is Corriedale (or Romney – I ordered Romney but the tag inside said Corriedale. I’m told they are about the same and I really don’t mind). I ordered this wool specifically to play with dyeing. It’s inexpensive and medium coarse so if I mess it up, it’s not a great loss. So what I’m doing in that picture is this. I filled the pot with water and two packages of strawberry Kool-aid and two packages of strawberry-kiwi. I soaked the roving In plain water then wound it over the ruler. I set the stove timer and immersed 2-3 turns of the ruler every minute. I think it worked well for graduated color.

Looks like intestines or something, doesn’t it? I’m letting it cool now. Looking forward to n-plying it and seeing how it turns out!

Progress on the striped scrap socks.

I started with the white then added a gray for a few rounds. Then dropped the white, picked up the red but kept the gray. Then dropped the gray, kept the red and picked up a black tweed. See how that’s working? My goal was to knit until the color ran out, but the only one I’ve run out of so far is the red. These scraps from previous socks and scarves never end! 


One Response to “Dyeing”

  1. bsburgess March 12, 2015 at 5:00 PM #

    Love the socks so far!

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