8 Mar

We are on the mend at my house. We were really hit hard with this cold/flu that seems to never end. My husband is still fighting a cough that only rears itself in the middle of the night. It, of course, turns into a loud snore. So much for a good night’s sleep!

But I did get some knitting done. I knit a pair of socks from the superwash merino I dyed and spun a couple of weeks ago.

That was so successful, I thought I’d try to dye another 4oz of Polwarth wool.  I’ve never heard of Polwarth wool or sheep before I started spinning. But I purchased some at the same time that I purchased the superwash merino from an Etsy shop in New York called Hearts Desire. Last night , I thought I would dye the fiber with black food coloring. Right when I put the black into vinegar water it splashed up a dark, dirty green. I figured, okay…. Dark green is fine.  But when I squirted some on the fiber, it immediately turned purple.

Hmmm… Into the dye pot it went.

And came out ugly!

The splotches are caused by the fact that I dunked the fiber in braided. The hidden parts are green and the exposed parts are purple/pink. After drying overnight I started to spin it up to see if overdyeing was going to be necessary.

Gianna cam downstairs and said that the fiber looked like Sully from Monsters, Inc. and it’s not too bad. I think it will ply up nicely. Nothing like what I was going for, but my dye projects seldom turn out the way I intend.

I’m on break this week. Although Dan claims to have a Honey-Do List for me, I plan on spinning and knitting away. 😃


One Response to “Better”

  1. bsburgess March 8, 2015 at 6:48 PM #

    No quilting?

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