So Proud Of This

19 Feb

It’s ridiculous how proud I am of this scarf! From hair to a wearable piece! How cool is that?


It feels incredible and I want to stop people on the street and tell them that I made this from alpaca hair! I’ve actually seen the animal that grew this hair!

I’m psycho and need help….I know. But, seriously, how cool is that?

Gianna has been laid up sick all week. Our nights have gone from running here there and everywhere to doing absolutely nothing. She lays around napping and I am a poor excuse for a nurse. However, I have spinning to show from the weekend and week.

First up, plyed a 2-ply merino that I got when I first got my wheel.


I will have 350 yards plus once it’s all said and done! This is my most consistent 2-ply yet. It will become another scarf.

I received some superwash merino from a shop on Etsy. I tried to dye it myself. I thought I ruined it by felting it. Dyeing roving/fiber is harder than dyeing yarn in my opinion.


Late last night during one of my insomnia bursts, I got up and decided to spin some up and see how it looks (and see if it’s felted).

Another happy accident! Some of the outer pieces were slightly felted. But besides that, it’s very easy to spin. The inner pieces didn’t get dyed all the way, so it’s mixing color with white to create a pastel blue/green yarn! I love happy accidents!


One Response to “So Proud Of This”

  1. bsburgess February 20, 2015 at 5:57 PM #

    You’re not psycho, you’re just…passionate! Sorry to hear about Gianna being sick. Hopefully, you’re staying warm!

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