More Knitting and Spinning

14 Feb

My teal merino mittens that match my headband are finally finished.

I would have preferred gloves over mittens but the yarn was too bulky for that. Mittens will do for dog walking!

I’ve picked out a scarf pattern for the black alpaca. The yarn is dense and heavy and, let’s not forget, BLACK so I wanted something that would lighten it up in both weight and color. I chose the Mammoth Mill Infinity Scarf. Here is the stock picture of how it will turn out.


I started to knit the scarf with the Size 11 needles that the pattern called for, but woke up this morning and ripped out what I had done and dropped to size 10 needles instead.


The blue yarn is a provisional cast-on which will be taken out and grafted to the end for a loop-like infinity scarf. Gianna said, “I’d wear that!” when she saw it, so I had better keep tabs on it when it’s finished.

I did a lot of spinning this week. I spin singles for BFL and Southdown. Unfortunately, I mixed the singles up when plying! So I have two long skeins of BFL/ Southdown mix. Probably 350 yards of 2-ply.


I think that will be fine. I have no idea if you can mix fibers like that or not. I also have two skeins of 3-ply of the BFL (top) and Southdown (bottom).


The Southdown is very soft but kind of tough for me to spin. The BFL… Well, I’ve had that in my stash for over a year. That’s the first yarn I tried to spin on a spindle and on the DoDec wheel. I struggled terribly with it every time I attempted to use it. But after watching a video this week about drafting techniques and having so much practice since purchasing the new wheel, the BFL was quite easy to spin and went very smoothly.

I have more fiber coming that I hope to dye then spin but… It will NOT be here this weekend! Crud! I will knit my supply of spun yarn and I do have about 6 oz of merino in blue and purple that can be spun if I need a fix. 😊


2 Responses to “More Knitting and Spinning”

  1. bsburgess February 14, 2015 at 10:06 AM #

    I really like that scarf pattern. You’re definitely on a knitting and spinning frenzy!

  2. February 14, 2015 at 9:15 PM #

    Where did you find the directions for the headband?

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