More Spinning

10 Feb

This week I’m spinning Babydoll Southdown wool. It’s interesting… Very different than merino or alpaca but similar to the Dorset down.

I’m having the most success by ripping off a chunk about 9-10″ long then dividing it lengthwise into thin pieces.


It has little dots of fiber inside the roving. I saw online where someone called them “nebbs”. But they make small dots or bumps in the singles making it look rustic.

I don’t know if you can see those bumps or not in the picture above.

But it is VERY EASY to spin. I’ve got almost a 1/3 of it spun already. I’m debating on whether to 2-ply or 3-ply it. It’s supposed to be great for socks (can be machine washed and dried without felting) so I want to 2-ply it so it’s nice and thin. However, my 2-ply is not as “good looking” as my 3-ply. Plus I don’t have enough there to make tall socks so I’ll have to make booties or combine with commercial sock yarn which is traditionally 3-plyed. Either way I think I’ll dye the yarn when it is spin.

Now you can see what keeps me awake at night! 😊 all these decisions that are of such importance!

I haven’t touched the mittens that I said would be done already. And I’ve been thinking of making gloves from the alpaca I spun this weekend.

So many things to do….. So little time…. Off to work to pay the bills!


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