What’s Next?

7 Feb

I picked up some black alpaca from the farm down the road yesterday. The alpaca is a black male named Manitou.

It has been washed but there is some dust and vegetable matter in it. Not much though. I bought 8oz. I have almost 1/3 of it combed and spun into a single.


I have to comb it and spin it with a white towel in my lap because I tend to wear dark pants and I can’t see what I’m doing!

Gianna went with me to the farm. The owners took us out to see all their animals. We didn’t think to take any pictures though. I met Manitou and he is very pretty (or should I say handsome?). Gianna’s favorites were a male with dark red curly hair named Tomahawk and a fawn colored female named Katie. All the animals were gentle and we fed them from our hands inside their pen. I’ll get pictures of the animals next time!

I also began knitting what I thought was going to be gloves from my teal merino handspun. But the yarn is too thick and the fingers were awkward so these are going to be mittens instead.

Mittens are quick and easy so I’m going to predict that they will be finished by the end of the weekend since I have both mittens done up to this part.

Time for groceries and laundry…

EDIT: I don’t have pictures of Manitou, but on their Facebook page there is a picture of Tomahawk and White Cloud. See those curls on the top of Tomahawk’s head? You can see why Gianna likes him so much – he’s a cutie!



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