Love A Free Day

3 Feb

I took advantage of my free snow day on Monday and got a lot of fiber related stuff done.


Above is the merino/silk blend already half knitted into a Hitchhiker scarf.

Then there was the dyeing.





My first attempt (above) was for self-striping sock yarn but I didn’t make the stripe runs long enough. But I found a pattern that plays with the colors I had nicely. The name of the pattern is Crusoe. It will knit up just fine.

I was never happy with that confetti dyed experiment I did last month so I decided to over dye that.



I didn’t think I liked it at first but it is growing on me. The problem with the original dye job is that one skein had too much green and the other had too much red. That’s still the case. But I think if I make a scarf and alternate every other row with each ball, that will do the job. I could make socks using the same method but now the yarn is telling me it wants to be a scarf instead of socks.

Yes, I am looney.


One Response to “Love A Free Day”

  1. bsburgess February 4, 2015 at 5:43 PM #

    I hear fiber…

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