More Snow

2 Feb

16″ of snow is the last reading I heard. All schools are cancelled, not only because of the snow though. There are 20mph winds and the temps have dropped to single digits before the wind chill is considered.

We are staying cozy inside. We ventured out yesterday to shovel the driveway. We will venture out again this morning to do it again.

The socks are done!


Pattern: Groovy Socks
Yarn: Hand dyed Valley Yarns Franklin

The method I used to dye that self-striping yarn was a pain in the butt. However, I do like the results! I’m going to try another method of dyeing for the next pair of striped yarn. I bought a whole cone of that Franklin sock yarn in “bare” to dye with. I think I can get 5 pairs from it. It was reasonably priced and it looks like it will wear very well.

My homespun yarn is also done drying.

It feels like cashmere. It’s very soft and I really like the tweedy, blue jean look. I’m going to skein it and start a scarf today. But which pattern? Decisions, decisions….


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