27 Jan


There’s the whole story. Some fibers were already carded (top left) and some I hand carded from locks (bottom left). The plied yarn came out two different colors because ?? I think the alpaca farmers said the combed fibers were from their own animal but the non-combed fibers were from another farmer’s alpaca. The non-combed fibers were gray but that could have been dust or dirt in them. After spinning the singles, my hands felt dirty. Unfortunately I think I spun the dirt into the twist because when I soaked the yarn it didn’t have dirty water but the yarn is still gray looking. So I’m not sure if the yarn has dirt imbedded or it’s just a more gray fiber.

So anyway, I only two-plyed instead of my usual three-ply. It’s fingering weight and I got the most out of what I had but still isn’t enough to make a scarf. I will probably combine it with a sock yarn to make something.

It is super soft and I’m looking forward to purchasing more from the local alpaca farmers in the future.


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