Just More Knitting

26 Jan

I carded and spun the locks of alpaca yesterday morning. It was very dusty/dirty. She said it had been soaked but I think it could have used another bath.

I’d say the one on the left is just from a different shade of white alpaca but my hands were grimy feeling after spinning it so I’m sure it’s dirt. No problem though. I’m going to ply these two together and then give them a good soak tonight. They will be just fine.

I ripped out those socks from yesterday’s post! I’m going to over dye the yarn a brown color I think. Maybe later this week.

I started another pair of socks on yet another experimentally dyed yarn.


This is another attempt at some clever dyeing that Gianna and I attempted a while back. It was supposed to be blue and purple but turned out blue and pink and some rust colors. I should have left more white space. We held two strands together like you are supposed to but it was a bear to unwind. This pattern fits self-striped yarn quite well and is an easy pattern to memorize.

Finally, I needed bobbins to spin the alpaca on so I plyed the teal merino.

This is n-plyed and I am going to make gloves or mittens to match my teal merino headband. That is my favorite walking-the-dog headband so far. It’s super warm and not itchy at all.

Scholastic Bowl starts tonight! Junior high scholastic bowl is so fun! both of the younger kids have played for 3 years each. I love attending the matches! It’s our winter sport!


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