So Excited!!!

24 Jan

I’m not sure if I shared this bit of information before on my blog or not. I looked but didn’t see it anywhere. Here goes:

About 2-3 weeks ago, I had to run to the post office to mail a package. I pulled up behind a truck that had a sticker that read on it. When I went inside I asked the only other customer inside if that was her truck. She said yes and I asked if they had any fleece or roving for sale. She said no one ever asked her that before. 😊. We exchanged business cards and went on our way.

Well today I went out to their farm. They have advertised hours for a gift shop and I thought I’d stop by. They are just the nicest people! I had a wonderful conversation about all the animals they have there (by the way – it’s not in Chicago but only 10 minutes from my house in mid-state Illinois). They sent me home with fiber from one of their white alpacas (named White Cloud) to see if I could spin it and how I liked it.


I’ve never spun alpaca before and have heard that’s it’s not very easy. I’d say that I think it’s equivalent to merino. I had a rocky start but spun right from the rolag without predrafting and it spun up beautifully.


I have a lot more to spin – that’s how much they gave me to TRY! Plus…

They gave me some raw locks with a hand carder to see how that worked out!


Those locks have been cleaned/washed but need to be pulled apart and combed out. I’m looking forward to doing that next!

They have goats and sheep and chickens…. Gianna was in heaven! She said, “I want to live here!” Lol.

Great people who own the farm. She is a new spinner also but has been weaving scarves out of fleece. They are pretty and soft as can be. They have a cute little gift shop there and I’m sure I will be back again!


One Response to “So Excited!!!”

  1. bsburgess January 24, 2015 at 5:43 PM #

    I need to see what and how you spin yarn out of what looks like something that came out from under the bed!

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