16 Jan

I finished spinning the 4ounces of Dorset fiber that I received from Paradise Fiber’s January fiber club.

The top skein is after the yarn has been smacked and dried. See how much puffier it is than the bottom one? That’s why whenever I finish plying the yarn I always think it’s sport weight or enliven fingering weight, but after washing and drying, it turns out DK or worsted weight. I got about 175 yards of it out of the 4 oz.

I’m not in love with the Dorset fiber. It’s comparable to Shetland but had a ton of vegetation in it. I picked out as much as I could when spinning, but it seemed like a lot was left in it because I could see it and feel it when plying. I’ll have to look at prices of the two kinds of fiber but I’d rather spin Shetland over Dorset.

I actually thought about discontinuing the club. Why pay for fiber you’re not in love with? But how do you know what you like or don’t like until you try it? Now I know. And I’ll use it. It’s scratchy so it will be a hat… Or mittens… But it will be something!


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