Today On My Wheel

10 Jan

I have 8 oz of merino in this great blue and violet top.


I got up this morning and started to spin a bit and was getting very frustrated with my thick / thin spots and inconsistent twists! After 1/4 of an ounce, I decided to look up on the Internet and see if there were any tips on spinning merino. Of course, there were a lot. You’ve got to love the Internet and people’s willingness to share. Most commonly, the advise was to spin from the fold. The letter that came from Paradise a fibers also suggested spinning from the fold. After more video watching and some trial and error, I figured out that technique and spun a bit more.

This bit of spun yarn is much better in both consistency and twist. Spinning from the fold provides more resistance and allows me more control over the fiber. I’m going to start a new bobbin this afternoon and spin up another ounce then ply it tomorrow. I hope this technique will be a winner because I love the feel of merino.


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