Snuck Another One In

1 Jan

Last night we marathon watched “Elementary” for our New Year Eve celebration. We are such the party animals, aren’t we? We have never seen that series and it was ok – no where near the quality of BBC’s “Sherlock”. While watching, Dan cooked appetizers and I whipped up another pair of slippers!

This pair fits me perfectly and I’m happily wearing them this morning.

Any New Year’s resolutions out there? After losing a lot of weight a few years ago, I promptly gained it back last year. I am back in a diet and exercise regimen for 2015. I’d like to kick spinning butt this year and figure out how to really make great yarn of all kinds of fiber. And I’d like to get my house “de-hoarded” and even remodeled a bit. Quilting? Yeah, I really enjoyed paper piecing that hexagon quilt this summer so I’d like to get back at that and generally just quilt a little bit each week. I go for long periods of not quilting at all – I’m not sure why. I guess I can only have one obsession at a time.

In 2015, I want to continue to learn Spanish. I’ve been learning Spanish through the website and app “Duolingo”. Duolingo has been called the “gamification of language learning” and that’s so true. I love sitting down each day and learning Spanish a bit at a time. I’m on day 120 so far and the software tells me that I can read about 60% of the written word in Spanish. They have all kinds of languages to learn – visit their website and give it a try. Learning a new language helps stave off Alzeimers (that may or may not be true but…) and IT’S FREE!

Have a good New Year’s Day, readers. I will be cooking a traditional Norweigen dinner called “Cumla” and putting away Christmas decorations.


One Response to “Snuck Another One In”

  1. bsburgess January 2, 2015 at 12:01 PM #

    Like your NY resolutions. Steady, eddy even if you fall in the ditch once in a while is the key to success!

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