More Yarn Dye Projects

29 Dec

Gianna and I decided to dye more sock yarn. We held two strands of yarn together then wrapped them around plastic lids into mini-skeins.


We dyed them mini-skeins with Kool-Aid and some food coloring by stuffing the yarn into jars lined with plastic bags. We didn’t like how the purple was turning out (kind of muddy) so we overdyed it with some red. Here are the baggies straight out of the microwave.


Unwinding the yarn was a MESS! I must not have tied them up well enough or something. I ended up having to cut some out of one section. But all,is well that ends well.


I assume it will knit up self-striped. That’s what we were going for. I will start on these for my next mindless sock sewing. In the meantime, I’ve got sage merino to ply today.



2 Responses to “More Yarn Dye Projects”

  1. susanssnippets December 29, 2014 at 11:25 AM #

    It will be cool to see how these turn out! The colors are very pretty.


  1. Cool Looking Socks | Gina Quilts and Knits - January 27, 2015

    […] Yep… I like how these are turning out! I blogged about how we dyed this yarn here. […]

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