A Wonderful Holiday

27 Dec

What a great three days!





The above pictures are of my immediate family, followed by my sister and her husband, and my mom and dad. I swear my mom and dad do not age!

All three days of family visits were relaxing and fun. I ate WAY too much. Why do I do that? Ugh…

During down times I spun.


That’s some Shetland that I 3-plied to make a DK weight yarn. I’m not crazy about Shetland but it was here and I needed the practice. I’m getting pretty good at making it nice and thin. I’m still working on consistency though since I still have thick and thin spots.

I bought myself a fiber club subscription for Christmas. Every month they send me 4 oz. of fiber and another ounce or two of something to try. The December fiber came today. It’s a combed merino in a green/brown/gold/red color way. The letter said it would spin up heather-like.


I couldn’t wait to try it, so I divided the loot in half and started spinning some.


I like it. I’m going to 2-ply it and make a lace scarf from it. I think. 😊 who knows what it will eventually become!

The “something special” that was sent is silk!


I have no idea if I will be able to spin this, but I want to pet it all day long! It’s the softest stuff I’ve ever felt. I’m going to wait until I get all the green spun and then try to spin this. If it turns out and is the same thickness as the merino, I’ll use the two together in a project.

I’ve been cleaning the basement all day so I can load a quilt to be quilted. I actually have TWO quilts that need to be finished by the end of break. I better get crackin.


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