Projects Update

22 Dec

The socks are finished.


The little snake on the top represents what was left over of the sock blank. I could have knitted a couple more rows with that but I wasn’t sure where to start binding off and still have yarn left over. Good enough. The legs are kind of short, but Gianna likes them and will wear them with her short boots.

Will I do the sock blank thing again? Probably not. I didn’t like knitting directly from the blank. The curled yarn from unraveling didn’t flow nicely through my hands and really slowed me down. I do have a ton of yarn on that cone left for dying, but I’m going to dye it on a hank like I usually do.

I plied the merino yarn.

I’m disappointed in my plying. It looks uneven. I’m not sure if I reply it if it will look better or not. I might try.

And finally, I started knitting a headband with the purple Corriedale yarn that I spun.


I picked this pattern because (1) it doesn’t use much yarn and I don’t have much there, and (2) I thought seed stitch would hide many of the yarn’s flaws. It looks good so far. The yarn is twisting up a bit when coming off the ball so I think that means that I plied it with too much twist. It’s not really bad, but they say a balanced yarn won’t do that. Good to know for the future.


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