Plied Cashmere

15 Dec



That’s the cashmere that I recently plied. It’s washed and seems to lay nicely so I’m going to call it a success. It’s 390 yards of what I estimate to be fingering weight. That’s a lot of fingering weight yarn! I have well over half the sweater left to ply too!

What am I going to do with it? I have no idea. Gloves.? Maybe… And a matching scarf? That sounds doable. I’ll still have a lot left over. Maybe a matching tam or similar hat.

It feels like a cloud. I’m going to like knitting with it.

I spun a wee bit of dark purple Corriedale fiber this morning. I had a bit of difficulty with it initially. But I got the hang of it and spun for about an hour. I hope to get back to it tonight, but for having the day off, I’m really busy today! Computer Club meeting at noon, meeting with my boss at 1:30, pick up Gianna at 3. Pitching lessons at 5. Tomorrow I head out to Indiana to help my oldest daughter move into her new place. Busy, busy, busy.


One Response to “Plied Cashmere”

  1. bsburgess December 16, 2014 at 11:10 AM #

    I love it! A infinity scarf would be perfect…for me!

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