My Wheel

14 Dec

I bought an Ashford Traveller wheel from the woman I’m taking spinning lessons from. She has been letting me borrow it for two weeks and I really like it.


I think I got a really good deal. She deducted the entire price of the spinning lessons, threw in 8oz of fiber, and three bobbins. It came out less than I could have purchased it off eBay plus I got the lessons to boot. 😊

I have some cashmere on the wheel there that I am plying. It’s from an unraveled sweater I’ve had for a long time. It’s cob weight and I plied two together and now I’m plying those two together. You’d think that would be four ply yarn but I found out yesterday that it is not. Four ply yarn is all plied together at once. This is CABLED yarn. I think it will still be fine.

Have I done any actual spinning? Yes, I’ve done a lot badly. 😊. But I’m getting better. Here is some Shetland that has been spun and two-plied.


I’m getting better and I think I can get really consistent with more practice! I am, of course, showing you the best part of the spun yarn! Other parts are sketchy.

Why spinning? I don’t know. Because I can. It’s not cost efficient. Factory spun yarn is always going to be better probably. But it’s very relaxing and I think it’s just an extension to my many addictions. My hubby is supportive and is saying this is my Christmas present. He tried to tell me that I couldn’t use it until Christmas, but since when do I listen to that kind of reasoning?


One Response to “My Wheel”

  1. bsburgess December 15, 2014 at 8:40 AM #

    I like the spinning wheel. I think you’ll get a lot of use out of it too.

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