Sock Dyeing

12 Dec

Is that how you spell dyeing? Spell check says it’s okay. Anyway, here’s what I’m doing this week.

I bought a cone of “bare” sock yarn from Webs. The brand is Valley Yarn which is their brand. I bought a whole pound of it. 😊 What am I doing with it?

Well, I balled up two 40g balls. Then I knitted them holding two together in the round to come up with what’s called a sock blank.


Now you can paint or dye the sock blank. I tried to dye it with a graduated blue pattern. I did this by adding blue food coloring and citric acid (Fruit Fresh) to a pot of water). Then after soaking the sock blank, I dipped it very slowly into the dye pot. Very slowly to me was to count for 30 seconds then add another inch. Here’s what it looks like while its cooking.


Doesn’t look like gradient dye to you? Yeah, me neither. Looks like the brightest blue you’ve ever seen? Yeah, me too! Hmmmm….

I’ll keep you posted after it cools and dries as to how it turns out. The next step is to unravel the sock blank and knit identical socks. They will be identical because the yarn was held double so, even though I don’t think the color will be gradually going from light to dark, I do think it will be mottled. And matching socks in any color is a good thing!


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