29 Nov

I’m still plugging away at the Toe Up Hermoine’s Everyday Socks.

I hate pooling. I didn’t think this hand dyed yarn would pool, but I was wrong. Ugh! But they are socks and the pooling doesn’t look that bad.

I rarely work on more than one project at a time, but Gianna wanted a bulky scarf so yesterday I went out and bought some bulky Acrylic/Alpaca blend yarn and started a Gap-tastic Cowl for her.


This is knit on size 13 needles as opposed to size 1 needles for the socks. That’s a huge difference in knitting! Both projects will probably be finished this weekend.

Thanksgiving went okay except for the fact that the kitchen sink and dishwasher drain backed up and flooded my basement with waste water. That wasn’t good. We spent the majority of Thanksgiving night and yesterday cutting into a wall in the basement to reach the pipe that was plugged and then fixing it. Sorting through wet boxes of electronics and fabric and everything else was time consuming. But most of the carpeting was shop vac’ed and is drying now. We will call in people to remove the carpet and flooring and possibly do a whole remodel next month.

Off to my first spinning project this morning! I’ll show you pictures of my progress (and I hope there is progress!)


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